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It truly is a happy talent to know how to play.

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Nurture Growth

We create inspired outdoor experiences. Learning by Nature is founded on the premise that engaging outdoor play is a right not a privilege for all ages and abilities. Being playful positively influences our physical, mental, social health and development. Play shapes who we are, how we interact with the world and each other. Play and playful spaces inspire learning, communication, connection. From co-creating a melody with outdoor musical instruments to applying classroom concepts to outdoor environments, Learning by Nature nurtures growth and well being.

Inspire Creativity

We ignite innovation. Learning by Nature connects children and adults with nature through play and learning. Our creative design-build process, projects, education programs and consulting services naturally engage adults and children in the joyful and educational process of free play and placemaking. We work collaboratively every step of the way. Clients are involved in the co-creative process as much or as little as is desired; from the initial consult to installation and ribbon cutting- we handle it all.

Build Community

We connect people, naturally. Learning by Nature play spaces and programming build community through natural placemaking and play. Multigenerational Music Parks and playgrounds in Public Spaces, Business Parks, Developments, Resorts, Camps, Healthcare facilities and Schools foster community and healthy living. Our playground inspection services assure your treasured space remains safe for our precious playmakers.

Embrace Sense of Place

We foster placemaking. Learning by Nature creates playful engaging spaces and lessons that build meaning and sense of place while connecting people with one another and the world around them. From bare ground to infusing nature play and outdoor learning into existing spaces, our projects thoughtfully reflect local landscape and lore in form and function. Natural Playspaces, Outdoor Classrooms and Music Parks are catalysts for creative engagement between people, place and play.

  • Outdoor Musical Instruments, Mom and Child Drum

People Play, Naturally.

Most of us have experienced firsthand the positive effect outdoor ‘play’ time has on our personal wellbeing. Given the opportunity, we, as children and adults, know how to play. At Learning by Nature, we help to re-connect people to place and play by intentionally creating natural spaces for discovery and interaction. When we play and learn outside, we naturally feel more enlivened and connected to our home-place, the environment around us and each other.

All play spaces need TLC. That is why we offer thoughtful playground inspection services to help you maintain your investment. NEW this year, LBN is co-hosting a NRPA endorsed Certified Playground Safety Inspector  (CPSI) course in Bozeman, MT. (CPSI registration required by March 1, 2019).

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