Benefit from just looking out the window!

I was reading a few articles recently about urban design and was encouraged to read how little  ‘greening’ it takes to gain positive psychological and physical effects from ‘nature’. Need a little respite, feeling overwhelmed or a bit anxious? According to study upon study, if you’re living in a busy urban environment, all you need to do is look out a window at some greenery,  walk amongst the grass and leaves in a nearby park or greenway or even hug a tree.  We can benefit greatly from unplugging our gadgets and opening our eyes to nature’s horizon for just minutes a day. That’s certainly cheaper and more sustainable than therapy!

If you’d like to learn more, take a gander at a recent article in the Boston Globe. For (sub)urbanites alike!

“The good news is that even slight alterations, such as planting more trees in the inner city or creating urban parks with a greater variety of plants, can significantly reduce the negative side effects of city life. The mind needs nature, and even a little bit can be a big help….” Changes

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