Winter Planning for Next Season

2018-05-17T05:34:17-07:00 By |Resources|

The 'long' days of winter provide a wonderful time to do some research and planning for next season garden and green space(s). There's a dizzying amount of resources out there to sort through. With an emphasis on sustainable school-wide projects, standards-based learning and curriculum, fun ideas and resources, I have [...]

Creating snow flakes

2018-04-25T19:35:03-07:00 By |Articles, Resources|

One of the great things about winter is snowflakes! You can catch them on your tongue as they fall from the sky, pack them together to make a snowman, snowball, snow fort or quinzee (snow cave) and even go skiing or sledding on them. Snow also gives us clues as [...]

Benefit from just looking out the window!

2018-04-25T19:35:03-07:00 By |Articles|

I was reading a few articles recently about urban design and was encouraged to read how little  'greening' it takes to gain positive psychological and physical effects from 'nature'. Need a little respite, feeling overwhelmed or a bit anxious? According to study upon study, if you're living in a busy [...]

What’s in a name?

2018-05-17T06:19:23-07:00 By |Articles|

I had a wonderful discussion recently with friend and colleague Ken Finch of Green Hearts. Our conversation meandered about, covering many topics, tricks of the trade, trials and triumphs. Center to the dialogue were terms such as playscape, outdoor classroom, learning landscapes, natural playground, outdoor education, living lab ... we [...]

The Lost Art of Play?

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Did we really 'forget' or do we not make the time? The outdoors is a classroom brimming with opportunities. "Nearly one in three parents choose to play computer games with their children thinking that's what their kids will most enjoy," said Byron. "However, nine out of 10 children said computer [...]

Lessons From A Thorn

2018-04-25T19:35:04-07:00 By |Articles, Resources|

"Ouch, something poked me!" The teachable moment begins... what poked you? Why do you think you got poked? Why do plants have poky parts? "We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." - Abraham Lincoln Thorns are an adaptation (or tool) plants have [...]