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We design and build Natural Outdoor Playscapes and Music Parks.

The most common sounds we hear are music and laughter. Playful sounds come in all shapes and sizes. Children shrieking with pride. Adults giggling stress-free. The quiet of being fully engaged and absorbed in the moment. The sounds of nature. Just like people, Natural Playspaces and Music Parks come in all shapes and sizes for all audiences and abilities. From the Workplace campus to School grounds, Public parks, Senior living facilities and Private Resorts, Learning By Nature can help build truly playfully engaging spaces that foster meaning and sense of place while connecting your constituents with one another and the world around them. Explore some of our Natural Playscape designs and inspiration.

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Embrace Sense of Place.

Like nature itself, a Natural Playspace and Music Garden fosters engagement and curiosity. Filled with intriguing native materials such as boulders, hills, logs and plantings, Learning By Nature playspaces create a sense of ongoing engagement and attachment, resulting in return visits to continue working on one’s level of challenge, creations, compositions, explorations or venture into new ones. As well, Natural Playscapes and Music Parks are easily integrated into and complement existing playgrounds and modern play equipment. This creative playful process knows no bounds as it engages the mind, body and spirit of all users across all ages and abilities.

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