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Maintenance Required

2019-01-14T13:13:31-07:00 By |Articles, Design, Install, Maintain, Resources|

How to protect our precious investments- people, place and play. IS YOUR FAVORITE PLAYGROUND SAFE? In our conversations with parents over the last 10 years we've found, aside from some of the new-age looking equipment looking "unsafe or scary", most assume their favorite playground is safe and maintained. That is [...]

Playful Learning

2018-04-25T19:35:03-07:00 By |Articles, Videos|

"I know it's just a playground, but I love the way the kids are learning in their new space." Parent observer Can play offer more than just the opportunity to "blow off energy"? All too often play gets the short end of the stick, or should I say [...]

Applied Learning In Action

2018-04-25T19:35:03-07:00 By |Articles|

First grade students design their new school yard habitat. Wishing your new class would start off working together as well as these 1st graders? They are communicating using Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Mathematics skills to help design a bird habitat near their school grounds. Applied learning at [...]

Retrieving Our Connection

2018-04-25T19:35:03-07:00 By |Articles|

The screens children spend over 7.5 hours a day plugged into get more use than the screen door that leads them to their abandoned back yard. The most recent two generations are more disconnected with nature than any previous to them. How did we get so far removed from a world we are so intricately dependent on? Technology has its time, place and benefits, however, at what cost?

Seeing is Believing, Doing Creates Action

2018-04-25T19:35:03-07:00 By |Articles|

Recent Bozeman Daily Chronicle articles on the Obama Administration's ‘Protecting The Great Outdoors’ initiative, controversial wildlife management strategies, Opinion letters on eliminating ‘Entitlement’ programs like parks, and kids going bonkers in the classroom w/o recess to play... are all reminders of how important the outdoors is to Montana’s livelihood and [...]

Who’s having all the fun?

2018-04-25T19:35:03-07:00 By |Articles|

I recently read a friends article on introducing children and families to Nordic skiing. It brought me back to when I first learned how to ski and the influences this activity has had on my life over the last 40+ years. I have a vivid memory of my father standing [...]