OUR CUSTOMERS are learning… by nature
There’s nothing like the great outdoors for good wholesome fun and inspiration. An outdoor space to enjoy, explore and learn is gratifying and valuable. It can: encourage physical activity, investigation, imagination, problem solving, team work, and reduce stress. Learning By Nature helps educators, developers, planners, land managers, parents and caregivers create a stimulating resource and sanctuary that nurtures the cognitive and behavioral needs of every children and adults alike, guiding them to become respectful stewards of the land.

Educators & School Yards

LBN can help transform your school yard into a setting that inspires endless learning and growing for all ages and abilities. Given the opportunity and place, children naturally wonder, discover, and make valuable connections outdoors, most of which can be tied in with everyday common core standards. Nature-based experiential education has been associated with significant student gains in social studies, science, language arts, creative arts, and math. This type of ‘classroom’ environment offers an unparalleled platform to help kids of all ages and abilities achieve learning objectives.Whether you have an outdoor space you’d like to remodel or one you’d like to develop from scratch, Learning By Nature can help your and your students’ excitement and motivation grow! Call or email Learning By Nature today for your free ½ hour consultation on getting started.

Developers, Planners, Institutions, Libraries

Are you looking for ways to make your neighborhood, development or business stand out and build community?
Engaging and aesthetic natural spaces provide year-round opportunities for play and respite, increases property values, inspires morale, and fosters stewardship. Save money on flashy plastic play equipment and water-guzzling sod and get back to nature.

Learning By Nature can help your development, workspace or park promote positive neighborly interactions, reduce stress, build community, and reduce equipment boredom and associated risk of injuries.

Be a part of the positive progress and get people of all ages moving in a healthy direction. Including and encouraging natural play will help get your development plan approved and buyers lined up for the sale!

Call LBN today to discuss how a natural playground could be the perfect cornerstone for your development, workplace, and your community!


Creating an interactive outdoor space, small or large, is a gift to everyone. Contact Learning By Nature today for your free ½ hour consultation to get started.