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Children & Families

Natural Playspaces invite children to explore and expand their physical limits, cognitive understanding and imaginations. Quiet nooks become a home for gnomes and fairies. Stumps and rocks challenge one’s balance and self confidence. Loose parts and maker spaces turn into collaborative innovative creations. The texture and tone of a Learning by Nature playspace changes with the days, seasons and visitors. Gone are the days of prescribed play and abandoned playsets. Natural Playspaces and Music Parks foster a level of freeplay that will earn you and your child hours of healthy fun and frolic.

Orion Playing, Learning by Nature

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Adults & Elders

Your landscape should be a gift not a chore. Learning by Nature can help turn an underused space into a playful community engagement resource. Outdoor Music Parks and natural gathering spaces promote play and placemaking. Play offers a sense of engagement and pleasure; an important means of reducing stress and improving well-being. These value added amenities are not just for goofing off. Research supports music and play in the outdoors as a crucial ingredient to a healthy, productive, innovative workplace; a means to reduce anxiety, build connection, increase physical activity in senior living and healthcare facilities; a ticket for joy.

Orion Playing, Learning by Nature

Create Music Parks designed for wellness, engagement, creativity, productivity, stress reduction.

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Natural playscapes and outdoor free play promotes physical activity, imagination and collaboration. Playful natural spaces also foster placemaking which has been shown to increase community engagement and reduce crime.  These outcomes make Natural Playgrounds and Music Parks an ideal fit for gathering spaces such as public parks, HOA open space and schools. A physically and emotionally engaging landscape promotes well-being and activity at healthcare facilities and is a value added multi-generational amenity for camps and resort guests.

Orion Playing, Learning by Nature

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“Play keeps us vital and alive. It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable. Without it, life just doesn’t taste good.”

—Lucia Capocchione

Inspire Creativity.

Educators teach about science, math, creative writing, collaboration on their school grounds. Employees reduce stress and improve innovation through music parks and inspiring cross-functional landscapes. Parents relax and enjoy their children playfully interacting with nature. Seniors enjoy musical memories ignited in their hearts. Visitors create a personal connection with the local landscape and community. Together, we create fun opportunities for all aged people and abilities to make personal connections with and experience the many joys and benefits of nature and play.

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