Nurture Natural Connections Through Story & Guide Books

Learning From Nature’s Gifts

It’s that time of year when our shopping list expands (and maybe a few other things too). Even though school may be on break, let’s not forget the potential for learning to expand as well!

Imagine if some of those things on your list were a book or two that engaged young readers and learners in the natural world around them. Such creative inspirations could ignite a life-long spark for learning that is fostered at home, during outdoor ventures, and school alike.
Take for instance my fascination with scat. Yes, scat. If you do not know what this is, then it’s time to do some of your own reading. Children LOVE scatological investigations. This form of “potty mouth” requires astute observation skills, elicits complex questioning, calls upon reasoning skills, and engages one’s imagination.  Inspired by one of my many wildlife research jobs early in my life, cataloging scat samples collected by the famous Olaus Murie, I was so fascinated with scat  that I started my own collection.

I read field guides, journals, and books that lead to a deeper and broader understanding of the species who donated their specimen and the ecology of their home range. It also lead to an extensive collection of nature-related books, stories, tales, (and yes scat)- many of which I continue to share with students, friends and family today.

It is with these fond memories that I have assembled a shortlist of story books and guides that may inspire and nurture a little learning and fascination about natures many wonders and gifts.  Enjoy and please feel free to email or comment on the related LBN Blog post and add some of your own.

Happy Holidays and a joyous new year to all~ Bobbi

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