Music Parks

These professional quality outdoor music instruments are developed and made in the USA by FreeNotes Harmony Park.

These astounding pieces can be found on every continent in the world. We have  installed and played these instruments in person and are always pleased by their beautiful sound and high quality construction.  The alluring design and pleasant tones foster curiosity, innovation, stress reduction and community building across all ages, cultures and abilities.


Who would have thought a musical instrument would have so much power? We’re here to tell you these do!

FreeNotes music instruments are a tremendous tool for engaging people in play, learning, healing, and innovation. Once you play one, you will know why. Check out the 2018 instrument collection and find an installation nearest you to personally out. We’re also happy to discuss your many instrument options, offer our demo instruments to try out, answer questions and even help develop a fundraising strategy for purchasing FreeNotes products.

Please call or email us to discuss how we can enliven and enhance your community with a beautiful professional-sounding set of outdoor musical instruments.