Winter Planning for Next Season

The ‘long’ days of winter provide a wonderful time to do some research and planning for next season garden and green space(s). There’s a dizzying amount of resources out there to sort through. With an emphasis on sustainable school-wide projects, standards-based learning and curriculum, fun ideas and resources, I have included a few new (to me) sites I think have very useful information for educators, parents, community organizers and designers alike. For more resources and granting info, also peruse LBN’s resources page.

Pollinator Partnership: Curriculum,  resources, activities, contests, facts and ideas.

School Garden Weekly Instructional activities, resources, ideas and stories for and from school gardens. Straight from those who are in the dirt of it!

Royal Horticultural Society: The Society’s website and ‘Campaign for School Gardening’ highlight lessons in every subject matter that can be taught through gardening.  Packed with info and resources and success stories across the UK and Europe. ALso includes the new 2010 report and case studies: Growing Together: Gardening with Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs SEN_report2009-10-gardening w-special needs

Enjoy and keep growing!

PS- some final notes on thinking about sustainability when creating outdoor spaces

Landscape for Life: Their philosophy- we create sustainable landscapes, the landscapes give back, providing natural benefits that are essential to daily life, like cleaning the air and water, and maintaining soil fertility.

Sustainable Sites: Ideas on sustainable landscape designs, geared toward landscape and building designers.

For additional resources and updates,  visit resource page.

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