Resources to support nature based play, learning, engagement for all ages.

The Benefit of Playing Like Our Pets

2018-04-25T19:35:03+00:00 By |Resources|

Your household, like mine, may be blessed with a furry companion. One that inherently wants to play, be loved, and love in return. These characteristics are shared amongst us two-leggeds as well. Like our pets, we too are born with a sense of curiosity, an innate ability to express our [...]

7 Simple Tips for Outdoor Play

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Play and intrigue often go hand in hand outdoors It seems simple, right? Children are innately curious so playtime outdoors should be a natural fit. Surprisingly however, kids today are spending less and less time outdoors, replaced with over 7.5hrs in front of an electronic screen every day. [...]

Gifts from Nature

2018-05-17T06:15:32+00:00 By |Articles, Resources|

Looking for ideas for last minute gifts this holiday season or a fun project for the shorter days of winter? No need to look any farther than outside your window! Nature is brimming with gifts for all ages and interests; affordable and local! Below are 5 simple ways to welcome [...]

Winter Planning for Next Season

2018-05-17T05:34:17+00:00 By |Resources|

The 'long' days of winter provide a wonderful time to do some research and planning for next season garden and green space(s). There's a dizzying amount of resources out there to sort through. With an emphasis on sustainable school-wide projects, standards-based learning and curriculum, fun ideas and resources, I have [...]

Creating snow flakes

2018-04-25T19:35:03+00:00 By |Articles, Resources|

One of the great things about winter is snowflakes! You can catch them on your tongue as they fall from the sky, pack them together to make a snowman, snowball, snow fort or quinzee (snow cave) and even go skiing or sledding on them. Snow also gives us clues as [...]